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What is the research being done at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen? What topics are being discussed in the different institutes and departments? Research LAB, the research podcast, presents two different researchers and their projects in each episode. It's about similarities and differences in views and scientific methods: about what it means to have a conversation beyond the boundaries of your own discipline. The podcast episodes are themselves small scientific experiments, small laboratory situations in which two positions react to one another. What emerges is sometimes enlightening and sometimes funny, sometimes surprising and sometimes critical. But there are always unusual insights into the various research projects at JLU. Welcome to the Research LAB!

Research Lab is a research podcast by students of applied theater studies, in cooperation with the culture and event management at JLU Giessen. Conceived and developed by Nicolas Gerling, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Jamila Hutchinson, Martha Oelschläger, Svenja Polonji, Naomi Royer, Felix Schwarzrock, Henriette Seier, Leila Sohrab, Cornelia Walter and Elisabeth Weißgärber Crespo in the seminar “Listening Across” by Bernhard Siebert.

Many thanks go to the research assistants without whom this podcast would not have been possible, i.e. Antonia Alessia Virginia Beeskow, Laurenz Raschke and Jannis Wulle. Thanks to Marko Karo for advice on the initial idea and to Martina Bork and Elisabeth Düring for their support on the cultural and event management side of JLU Giessen.


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