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eight hors.heic

eight hours of rest and relaxation

a woman struggles with insomnia; Locked in her two-room apartment in the Hesse metropolis, to which her reality of life has been reduced in view of the exit restrictions, she is looking for the necessary relaxation that is supposed to promote sleep. but she finds it difficult to do so. On the other side: a voice message from the mobile box, cigarette smoke, the sight of the medication on the bedside table, shadows and lights from the street. The protagonist lets these sensations and memories put her in a melancholic but reflective mood, which is also offered to the listeners through her story. But in the solitude of her apartment, she is tormented by a fundamental doubt: is she even awake or is everything just a vivid dream?

The artistsmet at a chip shop in Frankfurt and decided it was time to chill. or something like that.

The podcast was produced in winter 2020 for Wilsonstrasse FM, funded by the pandemic-related emergency fund of the city of Frankfurt am Main.

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